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I was sort of bored and did not know what to do.Then i thought why cant i start my own tag… alphabetical order.All you have to do is write the first thing that comes into your mind when you read the word.I know the words arent that good but this is all i could think as of now… 😀 .Here it goes


BEAUTIFUL – Butterfly


DARING – Eagle

ELEGANT – Flapping of the wing when an Eagle flies

FRESH – Dewed Grass

GRUDGE – Child(From the movie)


IMMORTAL – Friendship


KILLER – Jaguar

LAZY – Sloth


NINCOMPOOP – Calvin and Hobbes


PRIDE – Lion

QUICK – Cheetah

RATTLE – East Diamond Back Rattle Snake

SERPENT – Slytherin

TREE – Leopard

UMBRELLA – Mushroom

VENOM – Spiderman’s Nemesis

WIT – Ravenclaw (Wit Beyond Measure Is A Man’s Greatest Treasure)


YELLOW – Canary

ZEST – Additional Flavor

Now…time to tag someone…..but who?

Joel(Declared a holiday for his blog)

Vishnu(may be the first to answer but is too lazy to update)

Nithya(keep ur eyes on her blog coz she might do it)

Priya(too busy…so i think she wont…besides she already has a tag pending)


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13 Responses

  1. Vishnu says:

    I made it… Am not lazy… Am energetic now…

  2. pnithya says:

    Not another TAG! You should leave some gap between two tags! 😀
    I’ll do it, after some posts!

  3. Vivek says:

    some gap???i thought there was a gap between 2 tags… 😛 or r u feeling lazy?

  4. pnithya says:

    Atleast 6 months gap! 😛

  5. Vivek says:


    naah…..6 days are enough….you are just lazy(as usual)

  6. pnithya says:

    Nope~~!!! 6 Years maybe!!!

  7. Vivek says:

    so….u gonna take this tag up??? or u too lazy to do it?

  8. pnithya says:

    I’ll take it up after some time!

  9. Vivek says:

    ya….ok…i say u r still lazy 😛

  10. pnithya says:

    Alright! I AM!! 😛

  11. Priya says:

    I have 9 tags pending !

    But hey, this seems like a good one…will consider it !!

    Gimme some time….like…2 months….:D

  12. Vivek says:

    2 months!!! 😮

    all r lazy!!! 😛

    that include me too

  13. Hari says:

    I tagged myself. Dunno what tagging literally means though

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