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Wild Imaginations

Imagine this…

The whole Earth is without electricity for 12 hours…how would you pass the time.You can choose any place to be at,any time to be in,you can also set the atmosphere of the place you are in…anything that you want will come true….but remember there is no Elecricity.

What conditions will you select…???


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5 Responses

  1. Vivek says:

    as for me…i want the time to be around 10 pm…star studded sky…no moon day…i lay upon the terrace of my house seeing the sky…meteor showers for approx one hour…and polar lights for the rest of the 11 hours….

  2. harmeet ~~!! says:

    well i would like to go to beach time around 5 am
    would jst love to c the sun rise n weather to b pleasant rainfall would b jst awesome 😀

  3. pnithya says:

    I would like to be in a secret garden, in the evening time where no one enter except birds and animals ,with a swing attached to a huge tree, lots of trees and flowering plants, butterflies flying around, a windy atmosphere, light drizzle and leaves flying around!!

  4. Kavin says:

    I would like to be in a place like ‘Shire’ of Lord of the Rings…

  5. Vivek says:

    my other wish would be in the moon for 12 hours 😉 …………with bare essentials….looking down on The Earth,with colors blue,white,green,brown……now this is what i would wish… 😀

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