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Mr.Bean the holiday…boring!!

no hard feelings but i too am a fan of rowan atkinson(or rathe Mr.Bean).The first movie was awesome…the second was a bit of a bore…not living upto its expectation.the final “so called” movie which the director-actor created in the movie which was remixed by bean was amazing…perfect sync…and him dressing as grandmother and speaking german in france!!!worth for a laugh…

Hope the next movie(if he acts) is worth wartching!!!


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  1. Kavin says:

    Though the movie is not as great as the first part, the second part has its own speciality… like for instance, as u said, the last remix of ‘Playback’… the shooting of a commercial… the confusion between the boy and the heroine about how possibly the other two would be related to each other… and it goes…

  2. Vivek says:

    @kavin….4got the movie’s name….nice name!!!”playback”lol…..he plays it back after saying playback once!!! 😉

    yes…thts wht i said…it has scenes like tht….but compared to the first movie….this is nuthing!

  3. pnithya says:

    Kavin, saw this movie too? :O
    I’m the only one who has not seen any latest movie!!! 😦

  4. Vivek says:

    this is not a “latest movie”!!! 😛

  5. Kavin says:

    @ Vivek
    ya… first part was too hilarious… it had a storyline… and the concept was very good… the second movie had no great storyline, but was funny…

    @ Nithya
    ya… its not a latest movie… lolz… it came last year…

  6. pnithya says:

    OMG!! I didn’t know that!! Thought I saw the ad in paper! :O 😀

  7. Vivek says:

    so…u saw the ad in the paper recently??!! 😛

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