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3.Trip to Kodai – at Hotel

Well…sorry that i took so long to write this post…i was very very busy these days.anyways…i decided to write it and am doing so right now! 🙂

After arriving at the hotel and getting the room,i opened the door that leads to the balcony and turned right and saw few Emus(i guess u should know what an emu is….its a native of new zeland/asutralia and is a flightless bird).Wow…birds at a hotel….never seen that before..atleast i havent.

Ok,i went out and “explored” what all were there…there were many other birds…like the normal parrot,different versions of the same and sum other birds that were beautiful to see…oh did i mention that there were guinea pigs as well as rabbits there???Very nice….oh yeah…there was a waterfall INSIDE the hotel and lucky us,we were able to see it rite frm the room we were put…!!!think photos will do more explanation than my writing!!!here they are!!!I am sorry but i didnt take much photos of the animals but did capture many birds!

i am sorry but i am facing some problems in uploading photos….will try again in few hours time!!!


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3 Responses

  1. Vishnu says:

    Try compressing your photos and then upload it… Reduce its size… It really tooooo0000 BBBIIIGGG…

  2. Vivek says:

    tried tht too….

    theres some problem with wordpress…i think so…am not sure….

    will try this weekend….

    there are nearly 100 pics….so takes loads of time to upload!

  3. Vishnu says:

    Loads of time to load…!!! [:p]

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