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Moon 2

Yet again….photos of the moon….couldnt resist taking snaps of the moon…..took on may13th(i think)…moon was over head…
Once again…photos were taken through mobile…
Here u go!!!

The last two pics were taken in auto mode and the rest were in night mode without flash….u will be able to see the shape of the moon clearly in the last two…


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5 Responses

  1. Gowtham says:

    Without or with flash, its not really going to make a change . he he. any ways nice snaps

  2. Vivek says:

    whatever… 😛

  3. pnithya says:

    Hey this actually looks like the moon. Much better this time!

  4. Vivek says:

    gee….thanks…still….all photos were taken at max zoom…else would have been much clearer!!

  5. harmeet ~~!! says:

    Nice pics !!!!

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