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Moon 1

Two days before(that is on april 22nd) i took my dog out for a walk and looked up in the sky(as usual) and saw the moon hanging in the sky.It was a full moon,i just couldnt resist capturing it…

Though i am not an good photographer,here are the shots i took…

All these photos were taken through my dad’s mobile!!


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13 Responses

  1. SIM says:

    Nila adhu vaanathu mela pallanadhu odathu mela oyyavoo adhu ennaho

  2. Vivek says:

    madan…will you type something relevant to this topic other than songs??? 😛

  3. Joel Ronald says:

    That’s a mercury light hanging over the ceiling, don’t cheat 😦

  4. Vivek says:

    am not cheating joel….thts the reflection in the lens….

  5. says:

    He he, just for fun yaar, i believe you 🙂

  6. Vishnu says:

    Reflection can be mada artificially… He learnt graphics i think

  7. Vivek says:

    i have no idea in photoshop…u know tht vishnu…u sit next to me in lab

    and assuming i did it in photoshop , i wouldnt have the title Moon…i would have had it as my experiments…and more over i did it out of love for astronomy…y do u think i go out every night…tht day i went out twice…the first two photos were taken at around 8 pm and the rest were taken at 10 30 pm…

    i love astronomy….

  8. Hari says:

    First tell me the mobile model. Photo has come good.

  9. Vivek says:

    mobile model N95 😉

  10. Priya says:

    Yeah, it looks like a lens flare effect ! 😀

    But yeah, April 22th was a full moon !! In Uttaranchal, I could see a real clear sky every day ! ( Unlike B’lore. Due to pollution, the sky looks totally smoked !! 😐 )

  11. Vivek says:

    lens flare?? 😮

  12. Rachel says:

    Once i took in my digi cam but it wasn’t this clear.

  13. pnithya says:

    It does look like a Blub hanging. LOL ! But I believe you.It could be the moon! 😛

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