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Detecive School Q

One of my all time favorites!!!A must watch for all who love detective story!!!


Ever since a childhood 9th-grader Kyu has always dreamt of becoming the world’s greatest detective. Despite his mother’s wishes, he decides to take the challenging entrance exam at Dan Detective School, named after the legendary detective Morihiko Dan. At the exam center, Kyu makes some new friends: Meg, a girl with a photographic memory; Kinta, a martial artist with good street smarts; and Kazuma, a tech wizard. The four pass the difficult test and along with Ryu, who can only be described as mysterious, enter the “Qualified Class,” also known as Class Q, a special class consisting of candidates for the successor of Morihiko Dan. The young detectives set out on many adventures to prove themselves by piecing together the evidence and solve the unsolvable cases, each aspiring to become the world’s No. 1 detective and Dan’s successor.

dan.jpg DAN kyu.jpg KYU megmi.jpg MEGMI

ryu.jpg RYU kazuma.jpg KAZUMA kinta.jpg KINTA


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14 Responses

  1. bharath says:

    i havent seen this before, iam more fond of action types like batman,swatkats,jhonny quests and also i dont watch animax that much

  2. Vivek says:

    yeah….i used to watch jhonny quest….and swat kats..centurions!!!

  3. Vinod says:

    This was an amazing cartoon da. I loved it but missed two or three episodes and still don’t know the end for those. 😦

  4. Vivek says:

    yup….i like tht guy who is an expert in disguising himself as objects and other persons!! and kinta is the joker here!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Arnab says:

    WOW !!!!

    One of my favourite ANIME…

    I like it very much !!

    the way traps are set and all that and the sequence by which thy are solved.. πŸ™‚

    MY favourite in the group is RYU though!!!

    he is Kinda kewl and awesome !!!

  6. Vivek says:


    well…i missed a few here and there…and i too dont know what happened….
    do u have it???am still searching for download links!

  7. Vinod says:

    I dont have it dude. I am trying to find it…

  8. Kilam says:

    Well to all those who wanna see Detective School Q
    then u can download it from

    U need to download veoh tv first

    then search for the episode u want and then download and enjoy

    sorry i thought of posting the link but there is some connection in logging in.

    well hope u can try and get it

    DDS roxxxx.

    catch u all later

  9. Vivek says:



  10. Kilam says:

    Hey ppl,
    Just that i forgot to tell
    these episodes which u download from veoh. com are in japanese, but dont worry if u dont know japanese they provide u with english subtitles

  11. Kilam` says:

    Hey man,

    Just to inform U that i’ve taken the pictures in this page for my blog. Hope u dont mind.

    hey I’ve just started blogging.
    I think u can kind of help me out.
    Plz visit my blog and comment

    thats my blog.
    Do respond.

  12. arunkumar says:

    i love to watch this show and i imagined my self to be like ryu and i always wanted to be a detective so ilearned some techniques from this show

  13. Vivek says:

    learn some techniques??? like what??

    anywyas….i love this show…

  14. Rosy says:

    DDs is one of my favorite seriels. i luv detective stories very much.
    Unfortunately i can’t c it anymoore

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