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This is one of my favorites!!!A scifi cartoon where humans are turned into cyborgs…


There are totally 9 cyborgs on the good side.Here goes nothing!!

Here is the intro video for the cyborg009 series!!!

CYBORG 001 (Ivan Asimov):

He actually is a kid who was operated upon by his father to make him a cyborg.He has physic powers and has the power to teleport things and talk telepathically.One of my favorite characters.

CYBORG 002 (Jet Link):

Has the ability to fly.A good cyborg with a different attitude.He has the ability to move fast like 009.Next favorite character in Cyborg009

CYBORG 003 (Franรงoise Arnoul):

The only female in the cyborg team.She has the ability to hear and see well…you know super hearing sense and vision juz like super man

CYBORG 004 (Albert Heinrich):

He has had the most cybernetic modification. His right fingertips contains small machine guns, his left hand has razor-sharp edges, and he has missiles hidden in his knees.Has been proved damn useful in some situations.

CYBORG 005 (Geronimo Jr.):

Man of steel!!!The tallest and the strongest (physically)…The gentle giant who loves nature and life, and it’s speculated that he may have a sort of sixth sense that allows him to sense changes in the nature and possibly other people’s thoughts

CYBORG 006 (Chang Changku):

The chef of the cyborg team…also the fire breather.This ability also allows him to create tunnels in the earth and attack enemies with underground explosions. Aside from that, he’s a jovial fellow who is well-versed in the ways of cooking; his refined cuisine and happy personality always manage to bring his teammates back to good spirits.

Cyborg 007 (Great Britain..real name unknown):

The shape shifter who is the comical character of the team.He can also reshape himself at will to any shape,person,thing…and also grow to titanic proportions.

CYBORG 008 (Pyunma):

The deep sea diver.He has mechanical lungs which allow him to breathe under water and is also the only person in the team to have real combat training.He is given a silver scaled fish like body which he disliked at first but gives it a good use after he had a talk with 004.

CYBORG 009 (Joe Shimamura):

The hero of the series.His most prominent ability is the power to move at a speed so fast that everything else looks like a statue to him which is triggered by a switch embedded in his teeth. However, he cannot touch any normal creatures such as humans in this state; the high speeds would kill or otherwise cause serious injury to the creature through air friction.My favorite hero in the series

All the 9 cyborgs put their hands together to fight against the one evil : BLACK GHOST

Did they succeed or were they killed in the attempt to kill black ghost…thts the story!!!

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12 Responses

  1. harmeet says:

    cool i have neva seen cyborg 009
    bt it seems to b realy cool
    i think ill watch ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Gowtham says:

    The trailer is too lame. I wonder why you put it ๐Ÿ˜•

  3. Vivek says:

    thts the intro video dude…thts y i posted it… are gonna find its way in a few hours!!!

  4. Vinod says:

    I like it but not as much as I like DBZ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. HaRi says:

    I cant wait untill this video loads. Bah..

  6. Vivek says:

    this video aint tht good cold(hari)
    i put this coz it is the intro video!!!

  7. Gowtham says:

    It shouldn’t be considered a video itself ๐Ÿ˜†
    But the intro music is really good.

  8. Vivek says:


  9. Vinod says:

    The picture looks nice.

  10. Vivek says:

    thnks…am still searching or individual pics!!

  11. Harikumar says:

    dude you’ve watched the flame of recca in animax???? BTW you get animax nowadays???

  12. Vivek says:

    flame of recca???nope…must have watched an episode but didnt like it!!!

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