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I love comics and comic strips….some of my favs are

1.Calvin and Hobbes
2.Tin Tin
4.and of course Dragonball


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  1. pnithya says:

    I like Tin Tin, Asterix, Jughead and the Gang.

  2. Vivek says:

    omg…i forget archies….thnks sis for reminding them!!! 😀

  3. Vivek says:

    a few of the asterix is gud too!!!!my bro says all r gr8!!!

  4. Vivek says:

    here u go….a link to my most fav comic strip,calvin and hobbes!!!!!amazing boy…..and an amazing stuffed live tiger!!!!

  5. Nishu says:

    u read manga 😮
    It think they are boring :P..
    I would rather watch animes instead 😀

  6. pnithya says:

    Manga?? Anime??? Its like Greek and Latin to me :O

  7. Vivek says:

    how can u watch an anime if it has only come out as a manga???
    take calvin and hobbes for instance….it is a comic… movie or cartoon has been made of it!!!

    manga…in short it means comic strip…..
    anime…..almost similar to cartoon but its not!!!

  8. Joel RED says:

    Calvin and Hobbes,the only thing i’ll look for when i take the Hindu daily. It’s really funny when Calvin imagines himself as Captain Napalm.:-)

  9. Vivek says:

    same here dude….
    stupendus man is awesome too!!!!

  10. Vinod says:

    You forgot many cartoons dude! I too forgot many.. ROFL

  11. Vivek says:

    hehe….i juz mentioned a few of my favs!!!

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