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Dragonball – Advanced Adventures

This is where it all begins. The story starts with Goku at 12 when he first meets Bulma and is introduced to the legend of the Dragonballs: who ever gets all seven Dragonballs will have their wish granted by Shenron, the Dragon who resides within the balls. As Goku goes along his adventure he meets other characters such as Master Roshi, Krillin and others.


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  1. Vivek says:


    The 21st Tenkaichi Budokai participants:

    Krillin: 97
    Bacteria: 14 (his strength is his stench)
    Yamcha: 75
    Jackie Chun
    (Kamesennin): 139
    Nam: 87
    Lanfan: 14
    Guilan: 71
    Goku: 124
    Tao Pai Pai: 146
    Goku: (after Karin training): 157

    The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai participants:

    Yamcha: 128
    Chun: 139
    Wolf man: 19
    Krillin: 143
    Chaozu: 138
    Pam Put: 56
    Goku: 164
    Piccolo Daimao old: 201
    Piccolo Daimao young: 260
    Yajirobe: 140
    Tambourine: 173
    Cymbal: 173
    Goku: (after holy water) 265

    The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai participants:

    Tenshinhan: 203
    Goku: 330
    Chi Chi: 73
    Krillin: 206
    Piccolo: 320
    Yamacha: 167
    Shen (god): 301

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